Happy Friday (with a little IG on the side)

Good News!!! Hazel's bedroom is all put together and organized. It is not completely done, decor-wise, yet but it is almost fully functional. I will post pics of the "end product" when it is actually the "end product."

Once her room was done, we were able to make progress in the new baby's room too. Very exciting stuff going on around here. The "nesting" process is almost complete and I could not be happier. Looking forward to spending a couple of quiet weeks with my girl and my guy, while we wait for a new level of chaos to ensue.




Here is a catch up on some rather dated IG pics. Follow us at user name Chasing_Hazel. Would love for you to join us. You really do miss a lot when you don't get the captions that go with each pic (I'm pretty funny...I AM! Seriously - Like tell me you don't want to know the caption to the pic 2nd row last on the right)

PicMonkey Collage


Happy Friday Everyone!!! Off to pack a couple of hospital bags...