Happy Friday

Ok... I promise I actually plan on addressing Down Syndrome Awareness Month on the blog. I even have the post almost ready - HA. This week kinda got away from me blog-wise. The nesting however, has become more of a full-on, panic stricken, burning the wick at both ends kind of event around here. And I'm not going to pretend for one second that there have not been "throw your hands in the air and give up" meltdowns and evenings full of feelings of defeat and despair - #keepinitrealyall. Onward, I see the light people. We are close.


In other Friday business...


THIS PIC. This pic has got to be one of my favourites.

I know this smile, this very specific expression, so well. How unbelievable to know another human soul? Without question or doubt, to be able to interpret the slightest head tilt or upturned angel of the lip. I see this same look on her face so often. Everyday.

This look is pure, unadulterated - Contentment.

She just is. She embraces the moment. She is present at all times. Everything is new and fun and gives her joy. This look is how I know my girl is doing just fine. This face is a little gift for me - reassuring ME and reminding ME that everything is just fine.

Here is where I find peace.




Happy Friday Everyone!!!! Let the "nesting-frenzy" continue...