I know these pics are never flattering but I guess we just consider these posts my way of "keeping things real." I feel like this will be my last pregnancy post so I couldn't NOT post it (not that I am in labour, feeling labour coming on, or showing any signs whatsoever that I will be in labour in the very near future. My prediction from the beginning was that this babe is staying in as long as she possibly can - Sooooooooooo).

Since I only went to 37 weeks with Hazel (which you will soon read in her birth story). I thought I would throw up some shots to compare of my last pics while pregnant with Hazel.

So here is Baby #2 at 36...


Here is Hazel at 36...



Here is the bump "Face-off" pic of the 36 week belly progression:

PicMonkey Collage


So I am feeling pretty good at 38 weeks. Somehow I have more energy now than I did in the early 30s (main contributing factor to this are the naps I take every time Hazel goes down #keepinitreal). By this point with Hazel I could barely walk. There was an enormous amount of pressure happening and walking was quite a chore. Thankfully, I am still (relatively) able to chase after Hazel. So I am way ahead of the game this time around.

The best way I can describe what I feel on a daily is TIGHT! Oh so tight - all the time- tight!!! Baby girl is stretching, moving and flexing every chance she gets. She's the boss of me at the moment, I am at her mercy. I am begging her to ease up on the bladder punches, just a tad. Throw mommy a bone little girl!

In all seriousness, we are getting super SUPER excited to get our hands on this little soul. I can NOT wait to see what she looks like? How much hair she has? How Hazel will react to her? It's all just too much to anticipate. It really is just TOO MUCH! I still don't think that it really has set in that we are having another baby yet. So excited for the new changes and what the future will bring us with this new little one.

Oh yes and the nesting is finally done!!! I feel ready. I feel as prepared as any parents of new babes can feel. Looking forward to a quiet couple weeks before our world gets altered in a grand way, yet again, by another little person.

Happy Sunday...