Labour Day 2013

We have 2 really cool traditions that we have started with our families to celebrate Labour Day Weekend. ld4


The first is a family day out at the cottage.

What's so great about it, is that it's a day where my family and Matt's family get to spend the afternoon catching up after a busy summer. Also, it's at the cottage. That always makes things better.



This is Hazel's new obsession (I posted a video on IG with Matt's IG account @seegs34 - check it out). She is like a little pro with this ribbon, walking all around and swinging her little arms. So very entertaining to watch. Nice find Auntie Paula!


PicMonkey Collage

These 2...Love it!



She is doing really well at learning not to hit and to be nice. This is her nice face. She still hits but it's only like a quarter of the time she used to - not bad right? Yikes! Not to worry we are very careful that the dogs are treated fairly and justly by Hazel.




The second event is now officially being called...



Our annual Venice Dinner.


Here is the post from last year's dinner. It gives you more detail into where this dinner Venice.

We honour our quest for finding the biggest tomato that ever existed to celebrate the event. This year we got it from one of our Zia's who grew it herself. This tomato can definitely hold it's own when compared to the original. It's the closet we have gotten since the actual Venice tomato. Thank you Zia, you are amazing!!!

Here she is...


PicMonkey Collage3



Our new little faces from last year are not so little anymore...


PicMonkey Collage






Also, I DID NOT get the memo that we should all wear our "hammer pants" to the event. But somehow Hazel did!!! Believe it or not this was not planned with any of the girls. Synchronicity at it's best, I suppose. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!



This year there were talks of an anniversary trip back to Venice. We are thinking 10 year anniversary, so 5 years from now!!!! WOOT!!!!