Enjoying the last bits of summer

As we are heading into the fall season once again, I thought I would share some of our last wee bits of summer now. PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collage



The family got together for a very much needed beach & boat day. It really was a perfect day to relax and enjoy each others company. The kids all had a blast playing at the beach, tubing and I think, they ate dinner in the hot tub. Rough life! Just the kind of life that kids need to have. Carefree and fun! Awesome, awesome day!!!


PicMonkey Collage2





Back at home, while the weather is still holding, we have been trying to get all the use we can out of this little pool. So low maintenance (for pregnant mommy) and so perfect for her to climb in and out when she wants. It wasn't until daddy came to play with us that I realized the pool had an added water feature.

Fun factor increased 10 fold!!!

Mommy Fail.


PicMonkey Collage





So that's it. That's what the end of the summer looks like 'round these parts. I have a feeling a "Welcoming Fall" post will be in the making shortly.

Enjoy the last bits of the nice weather, where ever you all are!!!