K...Don't be mad...

I am trying to get a quality post up on this blog. I swear I am!!!!! But I am also trying to settle back in at home and into some of our routines. Also, did I mention I am tired (just a 29.5 week phase I'm sure...fingers crossed).

So, AGAIN here are the IG photos from the cottage trip (of which there aren't many). I took the opportunity to almost totally unplug from social media (even IG...I know it's crazy for me). It was a lovely little break with no distractions. Just time spent with my favourite people.


PicMonkey Collage

I will try to make it up to you in the coming posts. Good news is I worked on my birth story...A LOT!!! Stay tuned.

And I will be posting a "Happy Friday" post this week with some of my absolute favourite photos of all time.

Until then...