These girls...

Let me just preface by saying, "I'm not complaining..." BUT, it's so hot outside right now that between a pregnant belly and an under 2 year old, we are feeling pretty trapped inside these days. I know it could be worse, I know!!! We are lucky to not have hurricanes or tornadoes or earthquakes. All I'm sayin' is, I wanna go outside with my girl!

Back when it was nice enough to be outside (which was only like two weeks ago - ok - I guess maybe I'm complaining a bit. Feel free to stop reading and just look at the pics in this post), Hazel visited with her fwend Allie.

Such a beautiful little girl, reminds me so much of her mama. I thought I would post a couple pics of Allie for those who are wondering how much she has grown over the past while.





Tell me her mama isn't with her all the time? I am not this good of a photographer.





These girls together just make everything feel right. I feel connected to Apryl. I feel so much peace just having them in the same room together. It's like therapy for me. They just make sense.

Singin' some songs...



Sharin' some popsicles...




It was great to see you Allie Belle...Love you!


We have been busy making some great memories this summer. Visiting with family and close friends. I will post some pics soon. They are some of the best ones I've seen yet!

Hope you are enjoying the weather...where ever you are!!!