IG Monday

We had a great weekend! Productive on the home-front AND visiting with family from out of town. The kind of weekend that I wish I had the energy to get my camera out for. There were so many moments that I found myself dreaming for the ability to perform telekinesis and that my camera would just come to me. Or even a "Go-Go-Gadget Arm" would have done the trick. Anyway...FAIL!!! I have no pics since I have no superpowers nor did I have the energy to get the camera and well...FAIL (IG is going to have to do for now).


PicMonkey Collage1

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The nesting process has officially begun, starting with big projects like siding the house and purging unnecessary furniture to make room for two bedroom renos with a crib in each. I remember the days not too long ago when I thought we would NEVER have 1 crib, never mind 2. So incredibly shocking where our life has ended up. Needless to say, I am one tired little girl today. Mama needs a rest!!!


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We would love to hear some of your favourite moments from this weekend. What did you do to celebrate life?