Family Gender Reveal

So I know we had our own gender reveal event, but we couldn't just come right out and tell our families, now could we? We decided (well, I decided and Matt went with it) to have a little fun with the reveal.




The answer lies in the boxes.


As you know it's a girl, so pink candy it was.



Getting ready to open the boxes...



They know...



I just love this pic so much. It's perfect!!!



We've had the opportunity to have a surprise in the delivery room and now, to find out ahead. Both experiences were great for us! I love the idea of a gender reveal being something that I could be a part of. When we had Hazel, Matt went off like a proud Papa to inform the family while I was still in the delivery room, so I missed the reaction. This way I got to be there and share in that moment with everyone. It was a blast!!!


Happy Monday!!!