Extrememly-Happy-Amazingly-Proud Friday!!!

We are so extra happy today on this Friday because it marks a year since Hazel's heart surgery. It feels like a moment ago that we were all in Toronto waiting for the big event. If it weren't for the people in this entourage below (and many others), I think I may have jumped off the CN Tower.



It feels like a moment ago that we were so helpless. We could do nothing to change the fate for our girl. She had to take her troops to battle and we had to be there with our armour on.



We sang to her when she wanted to be sang to, we fed her when she wanted to eat, we rocked her and rocked her when she needed to be consoled. We tried our best to make it through with everyone all in one piece.



We kissed, hugged, and cried. And then we started again.



These days, if you look real close, you can still see the scar on her chest. It lays there as a reminder of her fight. It doesn't define her. It doesn't hinder her. It doesn't hold her back or prevent her from getting what she wants.

It frees her.

It's a sign of her strength, her will and her determination to make this "one and only wild and crazy life" the best that it can be. Not only for herself, but for us. Especially for us. She may be the one who bares the scars, but we are the ones who have been mended. We are the ones who are healed.

One year later....

We, literally, could NOT love her more.




Happy Friday indeed!!!