A Quick "Hello"


While our heads are still spinning from an action packed weekend (which means it's going to take me a bit to settle in with new pics and posts for the blog), I thought I would share our very few IG moments from this weekend.


Note: The chubby little leg you see crawling under the drawer is Archer, Hazel's cousin. He went in the front and out the side, complaining about his decision the whole time. He really does think he is a big boy at barely 9 months. In the end, he worked it out and came out unscathed, only emotional scars remain.


Note #2: The pic of Hazel laying on the deck was the result of her trying to climb up onto the couch, which she successfully did in the bottom left pic. No physical injury came as a result, but she was emotionally scarred that the couch had forsaken her.


PicMonkey Collage


Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!!