Makin' Some Memories

We recently went to a cottage in Brighton, Ontario for a little quality family time with Hazel's cousins that live in Peterborough. It was easily one of the best cottage vacations that we have ever been on. It was filled with beautifully serene moments on a quiet lake, gorgeous sunsets, turtles laying eggs and swans that gracefully floated by.

FRICKEN SWANS!!!!!! Seriously...RIGHT?!

PicMonkey Collage


Oh...yes...and there were babies.

Babies who may have been a little too eager to see what his big brothers and Hazel were up to. Babies who like to get into everything they are way to young for and see what all the fuss is about. This little man was never happier than when amidst all the chaos of the other rowdy kids. Much to his own detriment, he sniffed out the action and assured he was always in the center. This kid likes to live in the danger zone.




There was a day on the beach, where the kids couldn't have been happier and the parents couldn't have been colder. But we did what we had to do and let the kids do their thing. Apparently, their "thing" included long runs up and down the shoreline of the water (and perhaps a little dip in the water that was way to cold for human body temperatures).



Her "thing" included eating fistfuls of sand. That was super fun for me.



My bump was there too.

(Yes - that is a receiving blanket wrapped around my neck posing as a scarf - it was cold!!!)



Lots of giggles when Sawyer couldn't seem to figure out how to get his VERY cold t-shirt off. He worked it out, it came off in the end.



Obligatory "we're on vacation at the beach" couples photo.







Little boys who are too little to be standing up looking outside.




Stolen moments with my girl where she was so tired she had a 4 hour nap. She's so squishy in my arms when she sleeps, it's like we are one body again. I kinda like it.



This could not be a more perfect picture. There was a lot of this all weekend long. Lots of lovin' on daddy moments for all the kids.


A happy Father's Day to all!!!




Finding leaves that were bigger than our heads. Why not?




I taught the kids to play war. The first game lasted 4 hours. Sawyer didn't really like winning the 2s or 3s. Those cards don't win you other cards, now do they? have to have ALL the cards to win the game. He conceded and took the 2s and 3s (and won the game).







I love that Cooper and Sawyer are at the age where they are going to remember this vacation. They are going to remember playing hockey by the water, having dance parties in the kitchen, running on the beach, taking walks, visiting towns, fishing off the dock and playing the kind of games that are just more fun when you are at a cottage. I love that it is uninterrupted time that our families get to spend together with no agendas, no chores - life isn't getting in the way. We can just "BE", whatever that means for the moment we are in.

I can't wait to make this a new family tradition every year and couldn't think of better people to do it with.

Until next time...