Half Way There - WOOT!!!

I am not one to post a lot about my pregnancy, but since I just crossed over the half way point I thought I would check in. I guess having been through fertility issues, it's still a sensitive topic to write about for me. I have been posting some pics on IG, just to keep it real. I have been feeling great these last few weeks. Not a great deal of morning sickness (anymore - I was pretty sick for the first 16 weeks). My energy has returned and I once again feel ready to face the world (and by "world" I mean Hazel). It's definitely not the same the second time around.

I have been feeling the baby move around and kick a lot. Just gently reminding me that there is in fact a baby in there. Matt got to feel for the first time this week. I feel so much more comfortable this time around.

I think I'm not showing as quickly either, but it's so hard to say.

Hazel at 20 weeks



Baby #2 at 20 weeks



Oh...and...also....we decided to find out this time.






...and we will share just as soon as we tell the family. I will do a full reveal post soon.


Hazel says - "shhhhhhh, it's a secret for now"



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