We're Baaaaaaack!!!

I hope all of you very loyal Chasing Hazel readers have not given up on us!!! I think that was the longest I have gone without posting since this blog was created. I am sorry for our absence, but sometimes vacations are necessary (especially when you are growing a tiny human). I will post some pics from our world travels soon. Also, I will post some pics of what shenanigans Hazel is up to now-a-days.

We celebrated Mim's birthday with the family. Happy Birthday!!! Love you Mim!!!



I LOVE this pic of Daddy and Hazel. Nothing like a silhouette pic to get the emotional juices flowing?



Before we left we were enjoying the nice weather, as well as EVERY POSSIBLE SECOND we could with our girl before we left. Honestly, I think the cab driver that took us to the airport thought I was losing it. Lots and lots of tears.




Hope you are enjoying the weather where ever you are!!! Never been happier to be home. More thoughts on that to come.


Peace & Love