Tragedy in Oklahoma

The devastating tragedy that is going on right now in Oklahoma really is unacceptable. There is too much loss, too much destruction, too much sadness. These candles were lit in Tibidabo Church in Barcelona when we were there. There is something about candles being lit on Holy ground that makes us feel hope, light and faith. I share this picture with you in hopes that together we can take a minute to reflect, pray and empathize with those that have faced such a terrible reality. We can hope for them to rebuild, to find peace and to overcome such horrible loss.



I am one of those people, I really don't like to look. So I change the channel, or skip past the photos of destruction and loss.

But that's not really fair is it? Why shouldn't I look?

It's the least that I can do, really. I don't have to live it. We are fortunate enough that it is not a reality for us. We did not face this travesty. We did not lose anything. I am going to look at the very sad images and take a minute to empathize, to feel pain, sadness, and loss for the victims in Oklahoma.

I hope you will join me...


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Together we can pray and send positive energy to those who need it. I am going to spend the next little while appreciating what we have, knowing that we are blessed to have been spared.


Gratitude & Empathy