Happy Friday!!!

This morning we had to errands to run. Errands to run with a baby is definitely harder than errands to run with no baby. fri


Here's how it started...

I went to put an appropriate outfit on Hazel and noticed that she had a poopy butt. I proceed to change said poopy butt, while simultaneously talking to my Nonna and Nonno on the phone, and Hazel got one her her legs free from my grip. Any of you who have changed a diaper before would know the ramifications of dropping a foot near or on a poopy diaper. Let's just say, one thing led to another and she literally had poop up and down both her legs in a matter of 10 seconds. I think my exact words to my grandparents were,


So, in the bath she went. Oh yes, and I must mention, she is going through a phase where she HATES the bath. All of it, the whole process. She screams the second her toes hit the water to the second she comes out, gets a glimpse of herself in the mirror, and all the sudden all is right in the world. She chats it up with herself like she's the happiest she's been.

So...I get her dressed and ready, socks, shoes, sweater, hat. I go get myself ready, shoes, sweater (oops...too small...big belly. Try sweater #2...again too small...this is fun). Anyway, I am ready. I go to get Hazel, who has been crying and whining the whole time I was not with her, and her shoes and hat are off and she's working on getting the socks off.


NO, NO we are NOT!!! I need to get stuff done and we are going!!! I am in control here!!! (right???)

Long story short, we went and Hazel was in a great mood. We got all our errands accomplished and I feel very productive. I always experience this incredible sense of pride when I accomplish things in public with a child. I am really quite scared to have to juggle 2. I imagine the sense of pride when you can actually do it is worth it.

Plus, I got to look at this face the whole time we were out. And there was giggling, lots and lots of giggling (from both of us).  Here is a video!

Happy Friday!!!

(Cut on her nose is from a recent "Dive-Bomb" incident. Dive-bombing is her other new thing. She thinks it's great when she doesn't hit her nose on the cement)


Patience & Pride