Gamechanger 2013

Read Hazel's shirt... GC


We are thrilled, and also a little shocked (ok...a lot shocked), to share that Hazel is going to be a big sister!!!




Come November this household is no longer going to be a zone defense but man-to-man. It's a little intimidating but I'm sure we will come up with some new defense strategies.

I am so excited to see Hazel as a big sister, and to add another cousin to our ever-growing families. We are so blessed to have so many amazing little people (whom you know are my absolute favourite) in our lives. We are surrounded by so much love that this baby couldn't stand to wait any longer to join us all (even though this means we will have 2 kids under 2). For now, we are savouring every moment that Hazel is an only child.

Last time we saw the Doc, we were able to hear the little heartbeat. We could also hear the baby "bouncing off the walls in there" (so typical of my kids - Hazel was the same...{did I just say "my kids}... huh). 2 of the BEST. SOUNDS. EVER. We are feeling very confident to share the news with everyone now.


Here are some pics of Hazel sharing the news with our family in Florida. We weren't the only ones who were surprised by the news!




Peace, Love, Gratitude & Love