Some musings about working mamas...

Disclaimer: Before you read this I want you all to know something. I have some serious respect for those of you who are stay-at-home-moms. It is a tough job. I know this because I consider myself a SAHM. I have recently gone back to work part-time.

For our family, and for me personally, I always knew that a working mama was best for us. I absolutely LOVE my job as an occasional teacher. I LOVE meeting new students and seeing how they spend their days away from home. I learn so much about all the different methods that these brilliant teachers come up with in order for their students to thrive and grow.

However, just before I started work again, I was dreading it!

Even though her Nonna comes to spend the day with her and I am fully aware that she will be perfectly fine, I still hated every second of leaving. The only way I could survive it, is knowing that it was only a couple of days and then I would be home with her again. What shocked me most is the complete irrationality of the feeling that I can not be separated from her. It really makes no sense. I KNOW she will be fine. Also, I believe that a little separation from us is extremely healthy for Hazel, and us. Sometimes, mamas, our hearts and our heads are in a wrestling match.

Ah...motherhood...good times.

What I have come to realize is that some of my new heros are working mamas. I give you all so much credit for being strong and going back to work full time. You are doing what is best for your families and I admire you for that. I also want you to know that when you leave everyday for that first week and you almost cry at very inappropriate times at work, I GET IT and will never judge you for it. I also know that it gets better as time passes. It's easy for me to go now (as long as it's only a couple of days.)


My first day back, one of the students was making a sound very similar to a sound that Hazel often makes and I almost done lost it right there in the middle of the lesson on place value. So, I GET IT!!!



Hazel thinks her hands and feet are the coolest toys of all. She is constantly experimenting with movement. I love watching her!!!