Happy Friday...y'all

fri It has been a great week. No dramas, which is just how we like things around here.

Our friends Chris and Katie got married last week-end, so I think we are all experiencing a bit of a wedding hang over. The day was nothing less than a fairy tale, fully equipped with a gorgeous bride a strapping young groom. We couldn't be more thrilled for them to start a new partnership that will bring many blessings and joy. PURE JOY!!!

Highlight of the week:

Hazel's cousin's, Cooper and Sawyer, sang a song to Hazel via Face Time. The song was "Tonight you Belong to Me," Hazel's favorite. It was one of the sweetest things that I have EVER seen. Plus, Hazel was so into it that every time they stopped she cried for more.



Song of the week:

I and Love and You - Avett Brothers. OBSESSED!!!


I know this pic is blurry but HONESTLY!!!! How could I not share this. This is Hazel all the time. Always looking for trouble, and ALWAYS having fun doing it!!! She is currently not interested in her toys and just goes around the room pulling herself up on everything. EVERYTHING!!! The couch, the chairs, her exersaucer, the dog...you can imagine how that goes over.



One weekend closer to spring, y'all. Get your movies watched and cuddling by the fireplace in before its gone for another year.

Happy Friday!!!




Enjoy your weekend...