Happy Friday

Happy Good Friday!!! We hope you have a great Easter celebrating with your families, friends or simply just taking a few days away from work. Enjoy!





We need a favour:

Baby Annie needs some good-ol'-fashion-Chasing-Hazel LOVE and SUPPORT. She is 6 months old and going for heart surgery on April 1st. Annie needs some prayers and positive energy sent to her and her family. You can see a pic and read more about Baby Annie here. Her mom writes a beautiful account of meeting her new baby and all the blessings that Annie has brought to her life so far.

While you are sitting around your tables this weekend, or when you are taking a quiet minute to yourself, please try to remember Annie and send her strength and love.

You are going to do great Annie, we are all thinking about you. Good luck baby girl!!!

Please feel free to leave a comment here to let the family know you are thinking of them. It helped us tremendously to know you were all behind Hazel when she was going through her heart surgery. Thanks everyone!


Strength & Love