Daddy LOVE

I ACTUALLY captured this on camera. It's my latest obsession. These 2 are so ridiculously in love. I can't stand it! Her face lights up when he walks through the door. Any door. Any time.

I just love the way they are looking at each other, her naked little chest and her unicorn-like pony tail.





I am not going to tarnish these photos by pointing out that Hazel literally pushes me out of the way to get to him at times. Or the fact that she has also been doing the same thing with my mother. I could write this post with very bitter undertones, but I am going to choose to celebrate that my daughter has formed strong bonds with the other caregivers in her life and that she does not ONLY RELY ON ME for anything, EVER!

I mean, it's good that she is comfortable with them, right? RIGHT!?


Gratitude & Peace