A reflection on Judgement

I have chosen to do a post today about Judgement, in honor of Non-Judgement week. Visit The Conscious Perspective for more deets on Non-Judgement week.  

A wise man once said to me: "Never judge a mother - unless you know for a fact what she is going through - you are not allowed to judge." Brilliant!!!

Now that I am a mother and I have done things that are very questionable in the name of sanity, I 100% agree with the above mentioned quote. I have done things that I never thought I would.

I specifically remember a day at the mall with Hazel and my mom. At said "day-at-the-mall" there are vivid memories of me in a side hallway on my hands and knees trying frantically to make a bottle. While my mom tried to change a dirty butt diaper with Hazel in her stroller.

Yeah I said "stroller!"

We did not walk to the "family bathroom" and use the "change table" because I LITERALLY could not imagine walking all the way back there with a screaming, hungry, dirty baby. We were close to a somewhat secluded hallway in a busy, public place so, it was as good a place as any...right? We all got out pretty much unscathed, except for my dignity - but I mean - whatever. Being a mom means sacrificing your dignity...doesn't it? Please tell me it does for you too!!!

Anyway, my point is DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!

Yes!!! I changed my kid in a totally inappropriate place AND I didn't "take my screaming kid home" - but I do acknowledge that I shouldn't have done the former and should have done the latter.

Needless to say I don't judge mothers EVER - for any reason!!! That day I couldn't bring my kid home because my house was under heavy construction. That little episode took place after a day out of the house with a baby trying to keep ourselves occupied and sane. Clearly we only accomplished 1 of the 2. You just never know what is happening in someones life so please try not to judge!



On a more serious note:

Part of the reason I started this blog was to rectify or aid in the inaccurate judgements or perceptions of those with Down Syndrome.

One of the blessings that Down Syndrome has brought to my life is realizing that judgement often times comes from ignorance.

People judge that which they do not know.

By educating ourselves, listening to people bias free and keeping an open mind we accept things that are different. We gain perspective and embrace the things that we had no prior knowledge about. Human beings have a great deal to teach us, but we must be receptive and open to the lesson they offer (even though we might not agree with their thoughts or opinions on the subject.)

I hope that reading about Hazel helps you to accept her differences and celebrate her victories, just as you would with any other child. I also hope that her message helps readers to shift prior assumptions or perspectives of those whose live with Down Syndrome. Please continue to educate or advocate any chance you get!!!