Happy Friday!!!

So a couple of things... One night this week Hazel had a very serious meltdown. I swore at any given moment the glass from the windows was going to shatter. SO, we immediately decided as any scared, defeated parent would, that the best thing for us all would be for Hazel to go to bed.

Bottle: STAT!!!

Sleep Sack: STAT!!!

Bed: STAT!!!

GET THIS MONSTER DOWN BEFORE WE ALL GET EATEN ALIVE!!! (or something more loving and patient supermom would say instead of what I just said) I'm sorry but when people spot Godzilla in the streets, they run the other way. It's only natural (don't judge me, you've been there).

Turns out she didn't want to go to sleep. She wanted a "win" on her scoreboard. Oh....and she wanted to look at me like this...



Congratulations Hazel on your bedtime refusal win...Mommy is very proud of you (no - not at all).



This is the face she makes when she sees or meets anyone. We will call it her "greeting" face.



Naturally, everyone thinks this face indicates crying will come next. UM....not always. Sometimes, yes, crying comes next.

Most of the time it's just this look. And then I watch as people slink away, feeling like she doesn't like them, or that she might cry. I feel GREAT about it, of course. Not embarrassed at all that people feel she is unapproachable.

The whole interaction reminds me of a prey-predator type response. Like if you approach a Frilled Lizard in nature they give you this look and you immediately go the other way.

Yep - there's that look. To the best of my knowledge she has never bitten anyone or caused any serious physical damage. Maybe just some emotional scarring, which sometimes are the most difficult to heal.



Well, Happy Friday everyone!!! Enjoy your weekend.

I am BEAMING with pride today.