Silver Lining

  When the geneticist sits down and tells you your baby has Down Syndrome, many thoughts go through your mind. Lots of things are said. Doctors and nurses tell you about the "challenges" that may lie ahead.

One of the thoughts, is that your baby will be different from all the other babies. Immediately you think, "woah, 'different' - that can't be good - doesn't sound good."

We all want our babies to be different, unique in a way, but when push comes to shove, not really. We don't want them to be that different. We want them to be the same, and do all the things that every baby does.

Any one of you moms out there that has been on Baby Center - EVER - FOR ANYTHING - knows what I mean. It's judgements!!! Chasing Hazel is a judge free zone...really...I have no room to judge - TRUST ME!! I digress...

So, I was find out your kid has Down Syndrome. For a minute ( way longer than a minute really) you feel like life as you knew it is over. Long story short (for now), you try to figure out what does it mean for your baby? Will they do all the things other babies do? It's scary and daunting and scary.


Here is the silver lining...

Hazel and all other babies like Hazel, will do all the things other babies do. They might work a lot harder to get there, but one day it just happens, they are there. We are blessed to be a part of their journey.

And mama pride!!! Well proud does not even begin to break the barrier of emotions you feel that your baby is different, but also very much the same.

Best of both worlds really.


Hazel crawled today...


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With pride and a happy heart

See you tomorrow