My 1st Christmas...and I mean mine not Hazel's

us2 Finally, the last of the Christmas series posts...

I know I am biased but this one just so happens to be the best of them all. You'll see...




I have looked at these pictures at least a dozen times, trying to relive every moment. Capturing each memory so that I never forget the amount of joy and serenity this particular morning held. Remembering every facial expression, every laugh, every crinkle, every smile, every frown, what toys Hazel liked, and those she didn't. How her smile could have lite all the lights on the tree just by looking at it. Trying to permanently imprint the mood, the images, into my brain. The calm excitement that surrounded us that morning.

I am a believer, I have seen the light.

This was my 1st Christmas as much as it was Hazel's.





This toy was her favourite!!!



So, with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on in the background, and our new Christmas pajamas on, we laid on the floor with Hazel and Nico and took our time enjoying her curiosity and interest in every gift. If she wanted time to play and explore we relaxed and watched her take it all in (something I hope to instill in her as she grows).

We enjoyed coffee and our traditional Christmas breakfast Panettone, mozzarella, clementines, and freshly sliced mortadella. It may sound weird but it is the perfect breakfast for the occasion. Light and satisfying.





Yes Nico got presents too!!! She turned 6 on Dec 24th AND it was Christmas.




Hazel's first doll...Cici. I think they are going to be good friends.




I have no idea how we were able to get the co-operation of Hazel (with a smile) and Nico (looking at the camera), but in the end there's this...



and it's all that really matters.


Peace & Love