Little N3lla's Triple Crown

I wanted to share something with my Chasing Hazel family. If you have been reading a while, you might remember my mentioning Kelle Hampton (once or twice, or three times - whatever don't judge me). She has been a huge influence in the Down Syndrome community since the birth of her daughter Nella. Her charisma and passion for raising awareness for individuals with Down Syndrome is admirable.

If you have not yet visited her blog, wait until you have some time, grab a coffee (or whiskey tea - whatever- I won't judge you) and enjoy.


For now, Nella is trying to raise money for the National Down Syndrome Society.

Every year for her birthday, Kelle celebrates by reaching out to her readers and asking them to support the cause. Over the past 2 years, they have raised over $200, 000. This year they are at it again with a new goal. They would like to have a grand total of $300,000. Anything helps!!!


Click HERE to find out more about how you can help support...

N3lla's Triple Crown


Nellas triple crown from ETST on Vimeo.


Gratitude & Peace