Happy New Year Friday!!!

Back to business as usual with a Happy Friday post!!! I am excited to start another year working on Chasing Hazel and quite literally "chasing Hazel!"

Thanks to all our readers and supporters, your love has gotten us through some very challenging and hopeless times over the past year. Your continued loyalty and support has made you all feel like a family. Please know that you are appreciated everyday. Also, feel free to comment on the blog, I would love to know your thoughts!!!

We are moving forward with peace in our hearts and excitement on our minds. You never know what 2013 will bring. I DO know that we have a few things planned that make my heart and mind feel balanced. Year 2 of continuing the Down Syndrome Awareness platform is very exciting. The first year brought so many opportunities, I can hardly wait for this next year!!!

I will keep you updated and included.

Happy New Year everyone!!!