Happy Big Girl Friday!!!

We have had a bit of a crazy week trying to plan a mini wedding for our girl's 1st birthday. We are blessed to have so many wonderful, supportive friends and family that want to take the time to celebrate Hazel's big day!!! I have been reflecting a lot this past week, with work on the horizon, and the utter shock that Hazel has been around a whole year already. In one short year, we have been through so much. We have faced nightmares, only to wake up to a bright, smiling, chubby little face.

Our girl is strong, healthy and growing (quickly). We could not be more thrilled to hold her hand along the way. I would say that Hazel has fought enough this year to be who she is today. A CELEBRATION is the least we can do to honor her fight.

I think she has earned it!!!




Blessed beyond words...