ENABLE Haiti - Christmas in February

Looking for an easy, affordable, yet incredibly impactful way to donate this holiday season??? I think Chasing Hazel can help...We have also been looking for a way to "give back."


This year Hazel has chosen to donate to a local not for profit charity called "ENABLE Haiti - CHRISTMAS IN FEBRUARY."

ENABLE Haiti was founded by local business owner and charismatic philanthropist, Jim Scott. We have worked closely with Jim over the years raising money for various causes, which mainly included, The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southwestern Ontario. Together, with his volunteers, he has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars for MAW. With his exemplary leadership and modelling selflessness, he has had great success getting the community to follow in his footsteps in realizing that our job as citizens is to give back where ever we can. Thus, inspiring Jim to create his own not for profit organization, ENABLE Haiti.

ENABLE Haiti has adopted 4 orphanages, along with a Rehab Center and a hospital in Jacmel, Cape Hatien, Petionville and Hench. Including, a total of over 400 orphans. They have been making slow and steady progress in rebuilding their facilities, building schools, hiring teachers and establishing chicken farms and organic vegetable farms.

ENABLE Haiti has been collecting gently used clothing items for the last 3 years. Jim has been sending them (along with a team of people to distribute them) to Haiti to provide comfort to those who literally have nothing. Jim accompanies the team and is there PERSONALLY to hand out the donated items. Therefore, you can be assured that your item(s) given will be handed directly to one of the children at the orphanages.



Consider giving a new $10 toy. $10 can make a huge difference. Christmas in February will be an opportunity for most of these children to receive their very own brand new toy. Monetary donations will also be accepted. Tax receipts can be issued at your request.


Unfortunately, Chasing Hazel does not have a PayPal account yet to receive funds, so we will have to do this the old fashion way. Chasing Hazel is happy to offer a pick up service or a drop off location that you can stop in at your convenience.

If you would like to make a donation, please send an email to chasinghazel27@gmail.com with the subject line - Enable Haiti.

You can drop off your donation here between the hours of 9 & 4:

Seguin Financial 3200 Deziel Dr. Suite 210 Windsor, On
N8W 5K8 In the Greenwood Center, just south of central off the expressway.

Please do not let the fast approaching deadline discourage you, or the fact that you may not have time to go get a gift and drop it off. We will help make this easy in any way that we can. Feel free to email me whatever is the most convenient for you and we will try our best to make it happen. Thanks so much for your continued support!!!


Why we decided to give to ENABLE Haiti...

It is always such a struggle to find ways to help that really make a difference in someone's life. It can be frustrating to donate your money to a huge charity and then wonder where the funds ever went.

I can also appreciate that it seems, especially this time of year, there is always someone asking. Seriously, unless we are Oprah, it's such a challenge to feel like you are really "making a difference" in the community.

With ENABLE Haiti, we have the comfort of knowing that the items donated will reach 1 of the 400 children that have never opened a brand new toy. We know that our efforts to make a difference will be seen first hand by Jim and his team. We know that with a gift as small as $10 we can give a child PURE JOY.