A Christmas Wish for Coco

Note: The following post was written by my cousin Heidi. She reached out to me about a little girl named Chloe that needs our help. You can learn more about Chloe below.


I know Stephanie's Instagram obsession is well documented here - but I too confess I am bit of an Instagram junkie.

Somewhere along my IG journey I stumbled on the photos of a little girl named Chloe - an adorable girl who, like Hazel, has Down Syndrome. Also like Hazel, she stole my heart.

Presently Coco, as she is called by love ones, is bravely battling Leukemia.

Coco's Mother has given me permission to share her story in hopes that each of you can say an extra prayer for her.

She recently completed round 4 out of 6 of her Chemotherapy and has had many rough days due to side effects.

Even with sores in her mouth, and nausea caused by the drugs, Coco manages to share smiles and has a joyous zest for life that only a child facing this disease could carry with them. Coco is truly a hero and inspiration to anyone that knows her story.

Coco's parents learned of the cancer while overseas preparing to bring home her new sister who also has Down Syndrome. She was adopted through the amazing organization, Reece's Rainbow.

Her mother, father and siblings are courageous as they too head down this difficult road that no family should have to face.

While our families join together to open gifts, share laughter, and enjoy a glass of vino with our holiday meals, little Chloe will be in the hospital.

I'm sure Children's hospitals make an effort to make Christmas special for those who must be there, but there really is no place like home.

Today, I ask you to say a prayer for Chloe. To make a Christmas wish for her recovery. And to send strength to her family.

You can follow Chloe on Instagram here...