My Zen

A day spent in pure relaxation and peace. No agenda, no plans, no cooking, no cleaning and a box full of wine from our favourite local winery, Aleksander's. We stopped in to stock up for the winter.

We were greeted by the very bare already harvested vines that once held the little tiny treasures that turn into sweet nectar that helps keep us warm on a winter night. (We were also greeted by a stray cat that immediately put Nico into a frenzy, which almost woke up our very peacefully sleeping baby. So - yeah - that was fun)

We went to the cottage for the day, just to relax. It was long overdue and it was necessary.

Relax we did, indeed. 

It was a whimsically foggy day that was just taunting me to go and satiate my need for a great photo. A perfect opportunity to take Nico outside to explore and walk around in a "haze" - literally.


All the photos were taken with my iPhone 4s

There's something so I'm-a-super-strong-masculine-country-dwelling-farmer about seeing a man alone with his dog.


These next 2 were taken with my iPhone, but edited using the Afterglow app. I officially have a new obsession...Afterglow!!!

Oh yes, and Hazel. She played by the fire, she napped, she ate and she played with the dog. It's so amazing just to sit and watch her, listen to her. She is celebrated everyday. I can't imagine life before she was in it, nor do I want to.

When we got home, she had a bath and went to bed.

Sometimes we just need those days, to be productively unproductive. Find your zen and make it a reality.