Life happens

Lots and lots of life. 4 babies joined the family this year. Hazel (January), Monroe (July), Baby Heston (October) and Baby Archer (October). Busy year for new additions. Amazing!!! Here is a pic of 3 of the 4 new babies. It was so cool to see the 3 of them together. Christmas will be super fun.

Baby Heston was welcomed just before Baby Archer (3 days before). Busy week for the family!!! Congrats Johnny, Elise and Manning!!!

Visits with Nonna B and Zia Kim.

Of course, she didn't do this...

She's so into opening gifts. Christmas here we come!!!

Cousin Lilly and Hazel having a "dinner party." I tried to suggest that they were having a "tea party" and was very quickly notified that it was a dinner party. Silly me.

Here is an actual dinner party. My God-parents came over for a hearty bowl of homemade butternut squash soup and then some. A few glasses of wine, some laughs and cake (nom, nom).

We enjoyed spending a quiet evening with them - relaxing, eating and catching up. Always a pleasure to be in their presence.

Trying to enjoy the last bit of nice weather before we are trapped inside.

In other news...

Hazel has discovered her tongue. It is not uncommon for her to have her tongue fully outstretched to a point. She sticks it out as far as it goes and tries to look at it, play with it, etc. This pic was taken with my iPhone so it's not very clear, but I think you get the idea.

She also blows an extreme amount of raspberries these days...sometimes it can be quite rude!!!

We have a goal for Hazel's FB page. We are trying to reach 321 "likes" by March 21, 2013 - World Down Syndrome Day!!! If you are interested, please click on the link, Chasing Hazel and "like" her page. Thanks for the continued support!!!