Hope for Hope

While I was looking through my IG feed last night at some of the people I follow, I came across this heart wrenching story about Hope. This post was written by her grandmother and is a desperate plea for prayers. They believe that only God can help them now are requesting any and all prayers that they can get. YOu can check out Hope's full story on her mom's blog, Mending hearts and Bending Knees.

This story reminds us to take stock of what we have, take nothing for granted. We will be thinking about and praying for Hope and her family over the coming days. We "HOPE" you will all do the same.

Here is part of the story...


"The thought is that Hope's bleeding is either coming from a varices (extremely dilated sub-mucosal veins in the lower esophagus) or a stomach ulcer (stress ulcer probably a result of the heart surgeries).  If it's coming from a varices, then you need to treat it with sclerotherapy during surgery.  If it's an ulcer, it is treatable with medication and almost always improves with time.  Because Hope is at such a high risk for being put under anesthetic, the surgeons feel, if it proves to be an ulcer, the surgery would be unnecessary and possibly at great cost.  They would like to wait until Monday to reassess at that point.  If Hope were to have another massive bleed on the weekend, they would have no choice but to operate, but this is not a good option, as the weekend is not staffed with the "A" team that they feel is imperative for Hope.  They are treating her with ulcer medications and hoping that there will be no additional bleeding over the next 2 days.  She has been put back on the coagulant meds that are used to clot her blood, but they are hoping to stop them and get her back on the blood thinners as soon as possible, so that she will not develop any clots where they shouldn't be."