Hazel's First Halloween

As promised, here is the real time account of Hazel's first Halloween. Just as suspected, there were tears. But before the tears, there was joy!!!

The tour began at Nonna and Nonno B's house. We got a quick visit in with the great-grandparents. We also got to see cousins, Owen and Monroe.

I love this photo. None of the kids are looking, Monroe is trying to grab Hazel, Hazel is trying to grab Owen, Nonna B is trying to grab Monroe...priceless.


Monroe is almost TOO much...I just want to kiss and bite her cheeks every second!!!

Next stop was to visit more cousins. Stella the cat, Emilia the princess, and Lilly the bumble bee. As you can see there was joy!!!

And kisses...

Last stop, was at Nonna and Grandpa's house. Zio Brent met us there so he could see Hazel too. It was really cool that they were all there to celebrate and see Hazel on her first Halloween.

Our whole family was so amazing! They made this very busy night so much more manageable by all going to one or two places.

Thanks so much Nana, Mim, Pip and Zio Brent!!!

Hazel tried to hand out candy but aborted the mission when she got to the door.

She is running on fumes at this point, but we still managed to get a decent family photo.

And then this happened...she cried, I laughed, and Matt just waited to be relieved of his photo posing duty.


Until next year...