Happy "Beauty and the Beast" Friday

We are all so proud of Zio Brent!!!

We gathered around my mom's last night to watch the episode together. It turned out he was in 2 parts of the episode. I have (with all my high tec knowledge) recorded just his parts on my iPhone and uploaded them here. Just in case anybody missed it.

It was amazing to see him on the screen. We are so proud that he is going out and making his dreams a reality. Amazing!!! We are so glad to share in this victory with you.

Hazel was a trooper right up until the end. She was content just sitting on Daddy's lap playing with Bear.

Keep your eyes open for Mr. March. Kinda hard to miss, he is right in the center!!!


If you are having trouble viewing, click here.

Hazel is definitely crying in the background at this point. It was short lived, she passed out.


If you are having trouble viewing, click here.