Beauty and the Beast Update

Zio Brent's episode will be airing on November the 29th - THIS WEEK!!!!!.

Watch for him in the double date scene. The main character, Kat, and her partner Tess are on a date with 2 firefighters. Zio Brent is Tess' date. Again, I am not sure how much Brent will be shown, after the editing process. Nevertheless he spent an entire day on set in Toronto with the 2 main female characters to film this particular scene.

We couldn't be more thrilled to see it!!! We are so proud of Zio Brent for going out and being an active agent in making his dreams begin to come true.

Congrats!!! Please tune in to show some support to Zio Brent, a local Windsor kid who is following his dreams.

THURSDAY NIGHT!!! IT'S ON!!!! AT 9pm...on the CW....right after Vampire Diaries