A visit with Baby Archer

Hello Baby Archer!!!!

We welcomed baby Archer into the family on October 28th.

Because we are a part of a huge Italian family, we got in the car (with our lasagna, manicotti and Hazel in tow) shortly after Archer's mom went into labour. We drove as quickly as we could to Peterborough, so that we could smoother him (and his brothers) with sloppy kisses and aggressive Italian-style hugs.

It goes without saying that, the whole time we were there, the kitchen appliances were-a-blazing. Well, you know, food fixes everything for an Italian. Food = Medicine.

Are you sick? Oh ok...here's some soup...

Are you stressed out? Ok....lasagna, salad, bread, vino...

Did someone die? Is someone born? Did you lose your job? Did you get a job? Your ex-husband (or ex-wife) is dating a 21 year old?

Any life situation you can come up with, the answer is inevitably, food. FOOD!!!!

It's ok...once you eat you will feel better. Get my point. I digress...

So, we drove to Peterborough and got to meet our new little man, Archer. He had that smell they have when they are that new. You can literally sit with your nose against their little heads for hours. The little squeaks, and sighs...the innocence. It was so amazing to get to be with them when he was so new. What an honour to be able to share that moment with them.

We couldn't be happier that Archer has arrived safe and sound, that Hazel has another cousin and that Cooper and Sawyer have a new little brother to torment and teach.

Congrats to the whole family!!!

Hazel is really into textures these days. This blanket was so soft and fuzzy she could not get enough.

Here is Zio Bob playing the guitar and singing to Hazel. It was the first time she had seen or heard a guitar and was a little hesitant and very curious.

Cooper and Sawyer were excited to play with Hazel.

There is nothing better than the quiet observation of children-led play. The way they interact, the things they find fascinating, the way they use their imaginations...

...the things they are able to do together.

They figure it out all by themselves. They find some common ground. Even if it only lasts a minute or two. It was there and it existed. It was wonderful to watch.

So, I almost stole Sawyer and brought him home. He put Hazel to sleep several times in this chair. Again, all by himself he decided to help her bounce and before she knew what hit her, out she went. Nice!!! Eventually, Sawyer protested against this action, cause he was "too tired from doing this with Baby Hazel," so the dream for me quickly faded.

A little stare down for good measure...

This was not as bad as she is making it look....so