On Blueberry Hill

We were bored of eating blueberries one day so here is what happened... We PLAYED with them!!! Hazel painted her first picture. She did her first craft. She's growing so fast.

I must confess, this idea was conjured over Thanksgiving dinner. My Aunt, an accomplished artist at Turtle Dove Designs, noticed that Hazel was finger painting with a tiny bit of water that I poured on her highchair tray. My Aunt didn't hesitate to offer her services as Hazel's personal art teacher. After seeing this, Hazel seems she is going to want to start sooner than later. Hope you are ready Zia Kim!!!

Hazel loved the feel of the water on her finger tips. She enjoyed the fact that she could spread it and push it around where ever she wanted. It kept her entertained for quite a while. So, I thought why not let her actually paint with some blueberries?

Here is what happened...



Daddy came home when we were just finishing up. Hazel was very proud of herself!!!

The video is over 2 minutes. It gets really funny when Matt comes home, about a minute in...enjoy!!!


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