Keep on keepin' on

Tears...lots of tears, LOTS!!! Some of my tears represent pride, some joy, and some - honestly - fear. I know what may be ahead for Hazel. I realize what the popular opinion is. I know what the statistics are. I am not in the dark about ALL of the things that DS may bring to our lives - Hazel's life.

I don't care! I am IN...ALL IN!!!

For all the scary, difficult things that MIGHT be in our future, there is just as much hope, joy and laughter. We have a bright shining light in our midst and I promise to fuel this light with every ounce of my being.

I am totally immersed in DS Awareness. I am watching videos people send me and reading the stories they have found. I love this. It is so powerful!!! Keep em comin'!!!


Here is a video of a little girl talking about her brother, Archie, who has Down Syndrome and was adopted. They are the sweetest together.

Gracin Black gives a speech at school about his little sister who has Down Syndrome (to view the whole article click here):

My Sister Amiera

Hi, my name is Gracin and I have two sisters. They both like music and love to dance. They really like to play with their dolls and read books. They’re learning how to ride a horse and both take swimming lessons just like me. My sisters are very much alike, but most people think Amiera is different because she has Down syndrome. Down syndrome means that a person has an extra 21st chromosome; extra genetic information that other people don’t have. Most people think that having Down syndrome is bad. They think that Down syndrome is a disability. But my sister has lots of abilities. She’s helpful. She’s happy. She’s smart and she never gives up. She loves unconditionally and doesn’t search others for their faults. She is silly and funny and is never afraid to be herself. Amiera does do some things differently than other kids. She has lots of therapies. She goes to music, speech, occupational and physical therapy. She has a special dentist, ear and throat doctor, has had special people working with her since she was a baby. All these people have helped my sister reach new goals and become stronger and smarter. Each person who has Down syndrome is different and the problems they face are different too. Some have heart problems. Some have problems eating. Some need glasses like Amiera and others need hearing aids. Most are slower learners but all people with Down syndrome can learn. I watch my sister Amiera work really hard every day to learn to do things most of us learn easily. For Amiera, if you give her too much information, or want her to do too many things at the same time, it’s like a traffic jam in her brain. If we slow down the words we’re saying and give her a little more time to answer, she can understand much better.

People can be very mean to people with Down syndrome. For Amiera, sometimes the other kids don’t want to play or sit with her. Other people with Down syndrome are called mean names. These words and actions hurt. They hurt Amiera and they hurt those of us who care about her.

There are people in the world who chose not to keep their babies with Down syndrome. I think this is horrible. These babies are special. They can teach us lots and are really just like us.

Having a sister with Down syndrome has taught me to love others, to be grateful for who we are and not to judge others by how they look. I have to be more patient and understanding, and I have had to work hard for the things I want. I wish people would give Amiera a chance to show them who she is inside. I want the world to see people with Down syndrome as individuals and that they all have something to give the world.

Amiera is a true gift and we love her very much.



Finally, this video reminds me so much of Hazel. I was smiling and crying at the same time while watching. Enjoy!!!

Thanks so much Alysha for sending these resources. Lots of great things planned for this month!

Stay tuned...