First Thanksgiving

Here it is!!! This what I am thankful for. (Tomorrow I will be back to Down Syndrome Awareness month. For now we give thanks...)

It is fitting that I am between these two rocks. They keep me grounded, stable, and sane. I have NEVER had more to be thankful for. I have NEVER been so content and complete. Every time I see a photo of the three of us, my smile extends from ear-to-ear!!!


Monroe and Hazel share their first Thanksgiving together. This is just one of the many things these girls are going to do together.

They have already done one really girly thing together...can you tell what it was?

Looking at the picture of the three of us, I realized how much I had to be thankful for. Then I saw all of these. We are blessed with a great family!!!

Here's the family all cozy at our dining room table. Great grandparents at one end and...

Hazel at the other...claiming her spot at the head of the table.

Love this perfect!!!

To be fair to uncle Bart, we are all wearing those gold hats.

Hazel wants to be like her daddy.