Don't Judge Me!!!

I'm not sure if any of you have noticed but - YES - Hazel got her ears pierced!!! Her and her cousin Monroe had their first experience going to the mall together. They did a girly thing together!!! They are so lucky to have each other, especially in situations like this one (I think the mommies needed each other more on this outing).

Don't worry those of you who think that getting holes poked through babies ears is cruel. There were plenty of people there judging us and making their opinions known while we were doing it. Fortunately for us, the babies were upset about it for about 5 seconds...and then forgot it even happened. As soon as mommy hugged them and kissed them they were over it.

Trust me it hurt us more!!!!


Here are the girls waiting for the big moment.

This photo was taken, literally, seconds after it was done.

Again, seconds after...