You know fall is here when...

I have mentioned in the past how much I love fall. Here is one of the reasons. Apple Picking.

I usually visit the Orchard as a teacher with an extremely excited group of students. This year we attended as parents. A much more relaxing day spent meandering through the fruit filled aisles, surrounded by the simplest of creations...the tree.

I had an many more experiences like this will we spend together as a family? How many Orchards will we trudge through? How many pumpkin pies will we bake (or buy)? How many games will we watch? How many drives out to a farm? How many more times will we meander...just enjoying the togetherness, appreciating that at the end of all of these days, we have each other.

Hazel is a little young yet to run through the trees and collect her bag full of goods, but she did put her best foot forward and try to do what she could.

Just a side note...I am sooooooo not ok with the fact that Hazel's stroller is on the back of a tractor pulling us to the back of the orchard. It was terrifying....bumpy, erratic....definitely not ideal. Anyway, we survived.

To make the day even more special we went with Hazel's cousins. Thank you Auntie Paula and Uncle Bart for inviting us to spend a great day as a family in such a beautiful setting. Can't wait to spend more days as a family, watching our girls grow and mature together.