Hazel and Nico

Just hanging out at home and here is what happened... Hazel has finally started to move around, as much, if not more than before her surgery. She is rolling from place to place constantly. She can get around pretty quick. I don't think there is a corner of the living room that she has not visited.

Today, she targeted Nico and there was no turning her back. I moved her back to her play mat several times but the outcome was inevitable. Right back to Nico she rolled. She has been very interested in Nico's hair. Pulling it out by the fistfuls and trying quickly to get it into her mouth before it so rapidly disappears from in between her figures. Then she looks so confused as to its disappearance and goes back in for more. If she can't get the fur with her hands she just brings her mouth right to the source. Nico is so gentle and patient, you can tell it hurts her but she just sits there. When she has had enough she gets up slowly and walks away.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!!!