Ella's AVSD surgery is done!!!

Ella is out of surgery. All went well and she is in the Critical Care Unit. Mom and Dad are relieved and happy that it is over and she is recovering. When I get another update I will share with everyone. Thanks for your continued support and prayers!!!

A note from Ella's mom:

Ella's surgery went perfectly! It took less time then we expected and the surgeon only took about 2mins meeting with us afterwards which is a good thing! She is now recovering in the CCU with her puppy (who was able to attend the surgery as well - he even got his own hospital bracelet) and her amazing nurse Lori. Ella looks great, even with the many 'hook ups' she is sporting right now. Mom and dad are back at RMH for a quick break then will head back for more visiting. We are so proud of our tough little cookie! Thanks again to everyone for the kind messages.