Happy Birthday Auntie Paula!!!

Hazel was very excited to celebrate Auntie Paula's birthday this year. We spent the afternoon at a great restaurant, that had great food...the real beauty of it was that no one had to cook or clean. I love other people's birthdays!!! It is special days like this that force us to spend time together. Life can get so busy and we can come up with a million things to do. When what we really need to d0 is to relax and take some time to inhale the love that our families have to offer. It can be revitalizing...just what we all need to get through the busy or difficult days ahead.

It was so nice to see that the day was spent honouring a beautiful person who deserves to be spoiled!!! Love you Auntie Paula!!!!

Look at that face in the background...so happy to see uncle Matt!!!

Four girls...it's still hard to believe.