Festivities from the Long Weekend

So here is why I didn't post anything for three days... We had a great long weekend. Nothing really exciting planned but we got to catch up with some great friends and family. We did some pool hoping, since swimming is one of Hazel's favourite things to do. We also did some eating, which is one of Mommy's favourite things to do. It was a nice way to put all the surgery stuff behind us and do some of the summer time things that people do...swimming, barbequing and maybe even have a drink or two!!!

Hazel had a great time swimming and hangin' out with her friends, Isabella, Madison and Brianna. They are great examples for Hazel and we hope she turns out just like them when she is bigger!!!

Hazel and Daddy swimming together is such a joy to watch. She trusts him implicitly and he adores her to no end.

Hazel would swing her feet and splash them in the water and when the water would splash her in the face she would get so mad. How could the water betray her like that?

So, I guess the whole weekend wasn't a success...

Cousin Maddy and Morgan had lots of cuddles to give Hazel.

We sat back and watched the kids all playing together at the cottage...I can't believe how many there are now!!!

Uncle Bart worked really hard to get Hazel to have this nap...a job that Mommy wasn't really up for...thank you Uncle Bart!!!