Eatin' and Doing Some Physical Therapy

We are just about back to normal here now...Hazel has never been happier!!! We have been enjoying the rest of our summer, trying to visit with family and friends. It has been so nice to enjoy the weather going for walks with Nico. Our steps seem to be lighter these days with the surgery out of the way. We walk with ease and peace toward the bright future our girl will show us. We are totally accepting and open to all she will add to our lives. Our little girl is content and comfortable. I have never seen her smile more. She smiles all the nothing...just in case you look at her. My heart is smiling right along with her!!!

We are still introducing all kinds of yummy foods to Hazel. She really enjoys eating and is becoming quite good at it. She doesn't waste a drop. Even the food that ends up on her hands eventually makes it to her mouth. She loves sweet potatoes, green beans, pears, bananas, and avocado. So far everything we have given her is well received. She loves to put on a show in her chair, talking and eating at the same time. My favourite is when she blows and spits the food back in my face while she is eating. It doesn't happen often, as she doesn't want to waste, so I find that I am constantly on guard for that moment when I end up with a splatter of green beans across my face.

She likes to try and do it herself my fear is continually getting stronger for the battle of wills to be had in our future!!! She loves her Nonna and, of course, Nonna will let Hazel do whatever she wants!!!
Here we have tricked Hazel into doing her physical therapy. The Bumbo is great for getting her to practice sitting up. I just put it on the play mat so that she can reach out and play with her friends. I find this extends the time she will sit in here by at least 10 minutes. After the surgery, she was used to laying down all the time so she lost a little of her neck control. This was really effective in helping her to get it back. A few minutes a day and she is back to hold her head up high. I will post again soon about the other things we do to work on sitting up and core strengthening.