Post VSD Surgery Day 1

Hazel is doing well. The surgery went as expected with a VSD repair and a small resection of muscle growth on the right side of her heart. No complications arose while she was in surgery. Everything went according to plan. Her heart is beating regularly and  will be closely monitored for the next few days. The surgeon couldn't have been more bored while describing the details of the surgery. We couldn't have been happier about his boredom! Hazel is resting in the ICU. She had a slight fever last night, which is normal for this kind of surgery. It has since stabilized. They have discontinued the morphine drip to allow her to be more alert and start to eat. She is moving and kicking constantly and is tied down to the bed for her own safety. If we did this at home someone would call child services on us! She may be moved to a ward room soon as her demands for care decrease.

For now we are just giving her time to heal and rest. Lots of kisses for now!!! Thanks again for the prayers and support.