Heart Surgery Booked

The big day is near...July 11th. Hazel will be getting her VSD repaired in a little over a week. Although this news is good, we can't help but feel apprehensive and nervous about what we are about to face. Memories of the NICU in London are not that far behind and the wounds are still fresh. We are confident that the medical staff at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto are the right people for the job and that they will look after little Hazel diligently. We have a busy week ahead of us preparing for the surgery, Hazel will have to undergo several tests before it can be done. We can't bare the thought of putting our Hazel through another surgery, this time a little older, but are relieved that she will be able to live without such a fight moving forward. She will be able to be a regular little girl with no heart problem to weight her down. We are excited to see all that she will accomplish while functioning at 100%...she has done nothing short of impress so far.

You have been such a great support to us so far and now we are calling upon you once again for prayers, thoughts, and positive energy. Hazel has done so well with all the encouragement she has received and we could not be more grateful for your involvement. I truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and there are no better villagers than the ones that we have been blessed with. Thank you!!!