Hazel Post VSD Update

Hazel has finally started to feel a little bit more like herself these last few days. Thank goodness!!! She is almost back to being a smiley, happy, content little baby who likes to play with elephant and chew on her blankets. She has started to be comfortable rolling from side to side, however not quite well enough to roll onto her stomach. She has rolled a couple of times, but I think she has figured out that that hurts a bit so she doesn't do it anymore. At least she stays put for a little while now! Her stomach is still upset most of the time, she is still really gassy, so hopefully that will work itself out soon.

I have taken some pictures of the only activity that takes her mind off her pain. Being outside. So, several times a day (when it is cool enough) we go walking in the backyard so that she can grab the plants and flowers that are growing there. Hazel is absolutely enthralled by the greenery. First, she reaches out with her hands, then both her feet, and eventually she tries to pull the leaves off and get them into her mouth!!! I love watching her do it...she is totally focused the whole time.

See...she is trying to be happy!!!